About Me


I'm Khloe Syllebranque

My clients call me a magician but really it's science. 


What if you could avoid pain, get stronger and simply feel good in your body? The truth is it's simple not easy.


That's why I did the hard work for you and I dialed down to the easiest way to activate your body with my Method

BODY ACTIVATION 101 not from a fitness perspective but from a Myofascial therapist and neuroscience point of view...


Now that you know more about my work you might want to know more about me. I was born in Perth in western Australia and left Australia when I was 3 to live overseas in a beautiful French Island called New Caledonia. Yes it's paradise.


I left New Caledonia when I was 24 to pursue a calling, I didn't know at the time that it will change my life but I packed my bags and said goodbye to my family and friends to move to Sydney to become a massage therapist.


'' We forget in life, it doesn't matter what happens to you or where you came from, it matters what you do with what happens and what you've been given.''


Five years ago while getting a routine check up and X-ray of my spine, to my surprise the scoliosis condition that I was diagnosed with at age 7 was significantly worse. The curve in my spine went from 42 degrees to 74 degrees in my thoracic (chest). As the worsening of the condition happened so suddenly during my adulthood, my doctor recommended that I have back surgery to straighten my spine. 


''Just because your mind tells you something is awful, unplanned or negative doesn't mean you have to agree. Just because other people say that something is hopeless, crazy or broken to pieces doesn't mean it is. We decide what we tell ourselves.''


''If you cannot change your condition, change your perception.''


I respect people who take the road of surgery but for me it wasn't an option unless I had to be in a wheelchair.  I was studying full time and had just opened my massage clinic, so I was a bit overwhelmed and my health wasn't exactly my priority, even though I know now that we can't pour from an empty cup. 


A year later I had a succesful masage clinic in regional New South Wales and started to learn new techniques to add to my tool belt as a therapist. 



Are you looking to live a pain free life? Are you ready to apply the steps? Start your Body Activation journey with my help...  

Movement is created in the brain first. The brain decides which muscles to use for certain movement and you usually don't need to think about it. Unfortunately after an injury , a whiplash, a surgery or simply by rolling your ankle some movement pattern can change in your brain. 


The injured muscles can switch off or lay dormant and compensation and imbalances can occur.. This is when you can start overusing certain muscles while some are laying dormant. Injury can happen more frequently, repeating the cycle of pain and compensation over and over... 


Those compensations can show up as headaches, neck pain, shoulder restriction, lower back pain, hips locking up, feeling of heaviness in the legs (like you can barely lift them) or that eternal question at any age: why my body is feeling so old and locked up? 


What if there was a switch to turn all those muscles back on? There is not one but many switches spread out in the body, download my free Ebooks to discover 7 of them. 


Let me ask you, are you baffled at why no matter how much weight you lift you don't seem to grow specific muscles? Let's take the deltoids  as an example. What if I tell you that you are most likely using your traps instead. Yes compensation sucks!


If it feels like your stretching, pilates, workout, running, walking routine is not solving that constant tighness then my Method BODY ACTIVATION 101 might be your missing piece. 


You have to tell the brain specifically what you want and I promise it will serve you well but you have to work with it in a specific way. 


If you wake up aka activate your muscles in the morning before you exercise routine you will engage the dormant muscles in your body and finally get better results. Now you're ready? 



My Bio and Why I Can Help You

  • 10 Years in the wellness industry

    I started my journey as a Remedial massage therapist, holistic coach, meditation teacher and corrective exercise specialist over 10 years ago. I always wanted to provide a long lasting solution for my clients not only a band-aid approach and this is when I became a Neurokinetic practitioner (brain/movement pattern rewiring) and by practicing Myofascial release especially in the context of scars. My goal is to now teach you how you can do it from home. 

  • Over 2000 Clients in a clinical setting

    I have found my passion and my calling is now to help more people understand their bodies and how you can help yourself at home. Reset with Khloe was born and I love working with scars and educating people on how they can reactivate their muscles after surgeries and this is when I created the Scar Whiperer. 

  • Results Orientated Approach

    I now offer support and coaching online to help you discover and use the tools I have used on myself and my clients. 

Here's your chance to be a part of a likeminded community of proactive people


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